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Thank you for registering for our Armor Your Self™ workshop!

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We won’t spam you, and we use a Double Opt-in system to ensure you want to be involved with us.

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Please bring all the note taking materials you will need to the workshop: pen, paper, laptop or tablet whatever works best for you.

The program is taught as a Resilience Research Learning Laboratory with all of you as active participants researching, discussing and learning information that is specific, and important to you.

Everyone will receives a copy of the 458 page softcover resilience textbook: Armor Your Self: How To Survive A Career In Law Enforcement by John Marx (a $24.95 value). You will find the tools you need to recognize the symptoms of the toxic effects, and hidden dangers, of a career in law enforcement. By the end of the workshop you will create an action-plan to thrive and flourish in life and your career. You will also build a plan to help your family, peers, team and organization. Our Armor Your Self™ workshop includes eight hours of exploration about how you can begin strengthening and conditioning your “Self” physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will also learn how to strengthen agency support systems, condition our law enforcement culture for wellness and improve our police/community interactions.

The Armor Your Self™ Learning Lab Workshop is not a “sit and listen” but rather a highly interactive session where you will do individual research, engage in group discussions and develops your own personalized Tactical Resilience™ Action Plan to improve your life, that of your family and peers and also the health and resilience of your agency and community as a whole.

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