Consulting Services

The Law Enforcement Survival Institute (LESI) is an assessment, consulting and training organization. We work with law-enforcement professionals and other first responders and their organizations who want to be at their best. Our focus is wellness and resilience. The Law Enforcement Survival Institute is supported by subject matter experts on a variety of topics around the areas of wellness, resilience, human performance and improving organizational culture.

We build resilience within individuals, agencies and entire communities.

We can guide you with practical strategies that will make these concepts simple and effective to create.

As Consultants We Can:

  • Guide you, Advise you
  • Train you, Encourage you
  • Question you, Challenge you
  • Be a Trusted Member of your Team!

We have been working for over 12 years to build resilient first responders and have accumulated massive amounts of knowledge and information about what works and what doesn’t.

Other Services That We Offer Can Include:

  • Individual, Organizational and Community Assessments
  • Consulting to Determine or Support Existing Wellness or Resilience Initiatives
  • Executive Coaching to Support Wellness Leadership
  • Executive Mastermind groups to support and encourage best practices in leadership and wellness programing.
  • Consulting and Training that Promote Trust and Positive Community Interactions
  • We also offer In-Person, Virtual, Pre-Recorded or Blended Training

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