Testimonials for the

Armor Your Self™ book

and on-site training program:



In a book review published in Canada’s national law enforcement magazine BlueLine – retired, RCMP Insp. Gibson Glavin said:

“John Marx’s Armor Your Self is a worthy addition to a growing body of well researched and thoughtfully presented books… on career resiliency in law enforcement”

“Armor Your Self somewhat unique is that Marx, a 23-year veteran of policing in the Unites States, has gone beyond the theoretical or experiential approach of many books on the subject. Instead he has created a “how to” practical training and educational system for both the individual and police force to follow. “

“John Marx’s Armor Your Self “How to Survive a Career in Law Enforcement” is not just another emotional survival book for police. It contains achievable and intuitively appropriate steps and training outcomes for the cultural, physical, emotional and spiritual health of police officers. It is a resource that all Canadian police should take note of. I would not be surprised if Canada’s auditor general has done so.” 

In a review published in the South African Community-based Safety and Security Magazine – Servamus said:

“This book is not meant to be a quick fix, but rather aims to empower readers if they are willing to do the work needed to benefit from its contents. In other words, this book is a “programme” to assist law enforcers to make themselves stronger and better able to endure the rigours of the job … and in helping each other. This book is indeed different to others thanks to the practical examples written by a fellow cop who has experienced a lot of hidden dangers and who sees a need for the profession to improve.” 

Australian Federal Police Association BlueStar magazine review stated:

“Police suicide, job burnout, divorce, PTSD and alcoholism are just a few of the negative outcomes of our career that we are warned about before joining up. Yet despite these warnings, such problems still plague members of our profession…In his book, Marx gives our profession a comprehensive plan, or what he calls a “system of systems” to get to the root causes of these problems and to build wellness and resilience for all of our people.”


Praise for the Armor Your Self ™ book:

“Wow!  Armor Your Self is a landmark, pioneering work, that belongs on every cop’s bookshelf.  Get this book! Study this book!  Apply this book!  It will save careers, it will save marriages, and it will save lives!  Relatives of police should give this book to “your” cop.  Mental health and medical practitioners, counselors, psychologists and therapists should use this book as a part of your wellness and therapeutic plan for police officers.  There is no other book like this available today.  It is essential and irreplaceable.  And a hearty “Well done!” to John Marx!  These are hard times in law enforcement, and in our nation, and I believe John was put here “for just such a time as this.””

Dave Grossman, Lt. Col., USA (ret.)
Author of On Combat,
On Killing, and
Assassination Generation

“The book, Armor Your Self™: How To Survive A Career In Law Enforcement gives information and skills to the law enforcement professional to not only survive their career, but also to stop transferring unresolved emotional issues into inappropriate police conduct.  An important contribution to the law enforcement field.”

Kevin M. Gilmartin, Ph.D.
Behavioral Sciences and Management Consultant
Author of Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement

“If a book is weighed on the basis of how useful it is, Armor Your Self weighs a ton! Step by practical step, it coaches you on how to build the life-saving skill of resilience, the most critical quality for surviving the physical, mental, and emotional perils of a law enforcement career. A perfect gift for new recruits, an invaluable Rx for veteran officers who already are under siege from the many threats and stresses of the Job.”

Charles Remsberg
Author, the Street Survival book series

“Armor Your Self: How To Survive A Career In Law Enforcement is an essential read for all law enforcement officers. John Marx is an experienced veteran police officer who provides practical and comprehensive information necessary for career-long officer-wellness. It is equally significant to spouses of officers and others that have an interest in the challenges confronted by modern day law enforcement officers.”

Jack. A. Digliani, PhD, EdD
Police Psychologist
Author of Reflections of a Police Psychologist and
Contemporary Issues in Police Psychology:
Police Peer Support Team Training 
the Make it Safe Police Officer Initiative

“What are you willing to do to save a life? What about your own life? This comprehensive manual tells you how to find your way through the minefield of mental, emotional and spiritual assaults you experience in police work. Armor Your Self teaches you that overwhelming stress, burnout, PTSD and despair can be prevented or managed. The exercises and tactics in this book prepare you to survive, thrive, and enjoy your work and life. It’s one of the best books for personal survival you will ever read.”

Allen R. Kates, MFAW, BCECR
Author of CopShock, Second Edition:
Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

“Armor Your Self” is one of those rare resources that is truly an encyclopedia for a successful law enforcement career.  From physical fitness to tactical exercises to emotional well-being, John Marx has put together a book for every cadet, rookie, trainer, administrator and senior member of every police department in North America.  It should be on the shelf of every law enforcement agency and academy library and must be shared with anyone who has a cop in the family.  It’s one of those books that, after reading, we looked at each other and said “Why didn’t we write this?”  Thankfully, John Marx did.”

Dave and Betsy Smith
Law Enforcement Trainers and Authors

“Armor Your Self: How To Survive A Career In Law Enforcement should be considered the “owner’s manual” for law enforcement officers.  Like a vehicle’s owner’s manual it provides an understanding of the systems and routine maintenance required to keep yourself operating at peak performance from your ‘breaking in’ as a rookie all the way through a successful retirement.  It provides insight, tactics, resources and applications for the individual officer to utilize in all aspects — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually — of their personal and professional lives.

It also gives guidance for agencies on how to incorporate these same concepts on a departmental level.  A modern law enforcement agency understand that its’ most valuable assets are the lives and health of the officers that it employs.  An idea that all too often is given more lip service, than application. Reading it, I was struck by the amount of information contained in the book.  It also strikes me as one of the most comprehensive works on the subject on how to attain a long, healthy career in the law enforcement profession.

Like any owner’s manual success and performance will be determined by the diligence and care that the individual officer and/or department choose to apply over the length of service.  This book has long been needed in this profession, and I thank John for having the insight, wisdom, desire and drive to make it a reality.”

Duane Wolfe
Retired police officer, trainer,
PoliceOne.com columnist of “The Warrior’s Path”

“I Love, love, love this book.  John’s thoughtfulness and concern for the average officer is genuine, for sure.  Yet, the approach he takes to make the book understandable and applicable to all of the grunts or ‘boots on the ground’ shines through.  This book provides useful insights and suggestions that any first-responder can take advantage of.  This book provides easy steps and attainable goals in a process to make yourself safe, and to learn to take the same protective steps mentally as you do physically to shield yourself from harm.  A must read for officers beginning their careers to those who are at the end of it.”

Sergeant Stephen A. Bishopp
Dallas Police Department and
Associate Director for Research, Caruth Police Institute

“Armor Your Self, written by former law enforcement officer John Marx is a must read for anyone in the Law Enforcement field (including family members) in order to physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually survive a career in law enforcement.  This book goes so much farther than any other book I have read on the subject of Law Enforcement Wellness.  The book contains the most up to date comprehensive resources and tools available to law enforcement and their families.  Thank you John for your openness of your law enforcement career and your incredible effort to keep cops alive.”

Tod E. Bassett, Lieutenant
San Diego Police Department
Founding Member of the
San Diego Police Department’s Wellness Unit

“Armor Your Self: How To Survive A Career In Law Enforcement is the most comprehensive, effective book of its kind I’ve ever seen.  It addresses the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and ethical aspects of a career in law enforcement and of the people who wear the badge, and the insights and techniques it provides will save lives, careers, and marriages.  Get yourself a copy right away.  And that cop you know — the one who is tired, angry, and demoralized — order one for him or her, too.”

Cary A. Friedman
Law Enforcement Chaplain
Author of Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement

“Armor Your Self: How To Survive A Career In Law Enforcement is a must have for anyone working in or with law enforcement!  This is one of the best overall compilations of resources, guidance and techniques for those who navigate the high-stress, high-performance world of police work.  Whether you’re an officer, family member or professional support staff, this resource will make you better at what you do!”

CDR Eric G. Potterat, Ph.D., USN (Retired)
Clinical and Performance Psychologist
Former Head Psychologist for the US Navy SEALs

“While this book would have been valuable to read a decade ago, with the incredible and ever increasing stresses on today’s law enforcement practitioners it becomes a must read.  It is extremely well researched with a vast array of suggestions and options for successfully addressing current challenges.  Although topically designed to assist law enforcement, many segments should also be invaluable for adoption by other high stress occupations.”

Bob Pence
Special Agent in Charge, FBI (ret)

“Armor Your Self is the most comprehensive book on this subject I have ever seen. John Marx does an outstanding job at a challenging time when it is really needed.”

Lee Shaykhet
 Shaykhet Training, LLC

“Before I finished the first paragraph, I was hooked.  John had me smiling and nodding my head in agreement throughout his book.  Not only does he understand the all encompassing effects of a law enforcement career, he has laid out a comprehensive fitness plan for mind, body and soul.  If you want to make it through your career whole, and help the people around you do the same, read this book.”

Karen Solomon
Author of Hearts Beneath the Badge and The Price They Pay
Creator, 1stHelp.net

“We spend time working out, practicing with our tools and wearing our protective equipment to make sure we can go home at the end of the day.  This book is one more tool needed to keep ourselves safe now and throughout our career.  Read it and take it to heart.”

Raymond Craig
Metropolitan Police Officer II,
Honolulu Police Department

“The greatest asset in public safety are your people — please take care of them.  Law enforcement is a rewarding and honorable profession; unfortunately, it also destroys people that are associated with it.  Following the sudden death of a friend and co-worker, John Marx has utilized his life experiences as a law enforcement officer to fulfill a personal mission to help other first responders.

Armor Your Self: How To Survive A Career In Law Enforcement is a straightforward guide written by John, which highlights and educates people about the real hazards facing law enforcement today.  This book offers you numerous suggestions to address these hazards with John’s P.E.M.S. system (Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual) to help you change individually or assisting your agency.  This book offers you proven solutions to improving the health and quality of life as individuals and as a group within your agency and police academy.  Law enforcement is losing more people annually to heart attacks, suicide, vehicle crashes and illnesses.  Most of these are preventable.   John’s book provides you with information for you and your agency to improve total wellness and strengthen resiliency.  Take the lead and be the change!”

Sergeant Mark St. Hilaire
30+ year Veteran Police Officer
Metrowest Boston, Massachusetts

“Armor Your Self is not the conclusion but rather, the beginning of the author, John Marx’s work and could be the owner’s manual for police work.  In this book, the author addresses more issues that impact officers (and their families) than any book I have ever read.  Written from the perspective of a career police officer/career trainer, this book presents an understandable, comprehensive approach on how to survive the potentially, life-threatening issues in law enforcement that officers and police academy training do not address.  Armor Your Self, not only offers suggestions, options, and studies, but it even provides practical exercises which help the reader to better understand the subject matter.  This book includes information and resources for suicide prevention, dealing with shame, survivor support, agency wellness, creating effective habits, and addresses the Police Perfection Paradox.  Armor Your Self has information for young men and women who might be considering a career in law enforcement, all the way to veteran police officers and retirees.  I recommend this book for any person whose life is in law enforcement or touches law enforcement from any perspective.”

Sgt. Clarke A. Paris (ret.)
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Author of My Life for Your Life and Daddy I Worry About You
Creator of the documentary film The Pain Behind The Badge

“I have such respect for John Marx and his willingness to share so openly his experience as a veteran police officer in Armor Your Self: How to Survive a Career in Law Enforcement.  As a mental health professional who works with emergency responders, I know how valuable it is for officers to hear from those who have done the job and who can truly speak to the impact the job has on one’s personal and professional lives.  John’s genuine concern for others in the blue family is evident throughout the book and his insights are incredibly valuable to new and veteran officers as well as their family members.”

Sara Garrido, Psy.D.
Nicoletti-Flater Associates
Peer Support Consultant for Multiple Peer Support Teams

“John Marx has provided a desk reference for law enforcement career survival.  This text provides tangible, attainable tools to aid any and all of us to survive a most challenging and rewarding career.”

Tim M. Brown, M.A., L.P.C.
Police Captain

“Law enforcement is profession of heroic men and women who have chosen to serve their communities through this honorable profession.  While this is a rewarding and honorable profession it can take a toll physically, emotionally and spiritually if you are not prepared for the challenges and realities of the profession.  Armor Your Self is a comprehensive guide for law enforcement professionals and their families.  This is not a novel to be consumed in a weekend.  This is a book to be studied and referenced throughout a career.  Invest the time to study the contents, do the exercises and check out the references before you feel you need it.  This will allow you to Armor Your Self and thrive in this career.”

Sgt. Brian Willis (ret.)
Calgary Police Service

President – Winning Mind Training Inc.

“This book will empower you as long as you are willing to read it, embrace it and then put your plan into action. During my 53 years of U.S. law enforcement experience, this particular information has never been offered as it is in this book.  Armor Your Self will assist you to survive your law enforcement career and emerge with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life intact. This is a college course, guide and map to success right here at your fingertips. If you decide to really embrace this book and take it onto yourself, you really must be willing to do the needed work to benefit from it’s content.”

Colonel Robert “Coach” Lindsey (ret.)
Jefferson Parish Louisiana Sheriff’s Office
Founding Member of ILEETA and ASLET

“John Marx’s book Armor Your Self: How To Survive A Career In Law Enforcement has brought awareness to the inner struggles, emotional problems and behavioral issues officers deal with throughout their career.  This book offers solutions for emotional wellness and stability; therefore, Armor Yourself is a must read.“

Dr. Ron Rufo (ret.)
Chicago Police
EAP Peer Support Team Leader

“Armor Your Self is an attempt to save officers and educate departments that their officers should not be treated as a piece of fruit where the affected or problem officer is the peel that is thrown away — As in Death of a Salesman.”

Patrick Monaghan (ret.)
Milwaukee Police Officer
Peer Counselor for Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.)
from 1988 to present


Praise for the Armor Your Self ™ on-site training program:

From Armor Your Self™ Program presented to Nashville Regional Peer Support Oct 2021

“Very informative. This class talks about great techniques and gives you the tools to have a successful career and help others have a successful career.”

“Great Program!! – Great toolbox to answer questions about our profession.”

“It is detailed, very interactive, and insightful to everyone involved in law enforcement and how it can impact someone professionally & personally.”

“An informative look at personal survivability techniques in a setting that encourages participation.”

“The most informative and population specific tactics and strategies for strengthening peer support relationships.”

“This program was informative. The program has changed my way of thinking about my wellness. I’m still relatively new to law enforcement, but I will use these tips.”

“This program is a real life changer on the right mindset for surviving a career in law enforcement.”

“Being aware and intentional are crucial to healthy mindsets. This class expresses the need and brings more awareness.”

“Amazing program, awesome teacher!!”

From the Armor Your Self™ Learning Lab Workshop at Omaha PD December 2019

“If you are thinking of adding or starting a program to provide guidance on increasing survival and resilience to your officers this is a great place to start.”

“The program provided great ideas and tools to go forward and navigate the rest of my career in L.E..”

“The class and the book provide a detailed action plan to implement strategies to increase personal & professional resilience.”


“I thought this program did an excellent job presenting facts and providing practical methods of combating negative thought patterns and habits cops get stuck in.”

“It’s a great, comprehensive plan to prepare & strengthen yourself for a career in L.E.”

“A lot of food for thought in a short amount of time!”

From the Armor Your Self™ workshop Pueblo, Colorado August 2019

“Absolutely needed in all first responder agencies.”

“If you want to walk out of a class with material and how to put it into action – come to this class. We always get information but no solutions and we got a lot of solutions.”

“I have lost two close friends in LE, wish this had been available years ago.”

“This was beneficial for me. I learned so much that I will be taking back to my agency. Thank you!”

“50,000 ft view of the challenges of leading law enforcement agencies and surviving a career in law enforcement.”

From the Armor Your Self™ workshop Richmond, Virginia August 2019

“Excellent resources with a book to use and reference as well on how we must take care of ourselves in order to take care of others.”

“Absolutely phenomenal block of instruction. I encourage everyone to seek the opportunity to attend.”

“Very informative about healthy lifestyles. Also a lot of information was provided that can be brought back to my officers (mental wellness).”

“This program was very valuable to our profession. It would benefit everyone (Police & Dispatchers)”

“All facets of this training are much needed in our profession. No matter what you do in law enforcement it is beneficial”

“The program should be presented to upper management… this is where our stresses start. Everything starts from the top down”

From the Armor Your Self™ workshop Louisiana State Police June 2019

“This course is a career saving training if one applies what is taught”

“This class was very well presented. I learned and heard things that I absolutely needed.”


“An eye opener to serving those who serve”

“It was engaging and helped me to see new ways to handle mental health, physical health etc. and learn to look out for others and help them in time of need.”

“What an empowering book! The class was really eye-opening with so much interactive self-introspection! Our Career is killing us and it is up to us to figure out how to find the balance that is so necessary to survive it and also thrive in it! Thank you to Lousiana State Police for Hosting this event on 06/13/2019, and to Mr. Marx who gave such an insightful and meaningful experience to each LEO attending! I look forward to the “homework” and really see the differences I make in my own life and in those I work with who are willing to put in the work to make the changes necessary to change their lives for the better. This class will not only make you better as an LEO, but also a better parent, partner, husband or wife, and as a member of each of our communities, really change lives. We cant save and help others if we cant save and help ourselves first!”

From the Armor Your Self™ workshop Lansing PD Michigan May 2019

“This is a frank discussion of strengths and weaknesses that officers face, with practical strategies to help make positive changes.”

“Armor Your Self tackles the tough issues that are so taboo in our culture. Each and every department owes it to its members to provide open discussion such as facilitated in this training.”

“Excellent coverage of resiliency, what it is, and how to improve it.”

“John is passionate about this topic and does a great job teaching a very difficult topic.”

“Armor Your Self for a career in LE is an important class for all LEO’s as it helps answer many questions on how to better our resiliency.”

“A good reminder of what is needed to survive as a police officer. Topics are extremely important, yet not discussed enough.”

From the Armor Your Self™ workshop at Daytona Beach PD – March 2019

“The AYS program is powerful, mind opening and a must for all in the L.E. profession”

“A great training to provide a safe atmosphere to have critical conversations with our agency”

“Vital to overall health & well being for law enforcement personnel”


“Right time, right information”

Oregon Peace Officers Association (OPOA) Conference November 2017

“It’s a really good program that hits on a bunch of real topics that people do not want to talk about.”

“Crucial! A must have for any LEO.”

“Good training that should be put on for new recruits.”

“A wholistic approach to addressing each officer/deputy and/or office/department. Health to enhance the community we live in.”

December 2016 – Westminster and Commerce City, Colorado Peer Support Teams

“This program is very relevant to the issues we deal with daily. Often times these things are the most ignored, unfortunately. I love the values that you remind us of by virtue of this class.”

“Very informative and teaching us to self help so we can help others. Reassess my spiritual self care.”

“Very educational and helpful for goal setting/planning. Putting goals on paper and holding myself accountable.”

‘We in law enforcement know what each of us deal with. This program opened my eyes on how to help myself and my peers.”

“This program helps raise awareness of the struggles that face law enforcement personnel as well as techniques to combat those issues.”

“Good course for personal self check and evaluation.”

July 2016 – Kansas Law Enforcement CIT Conference

“This is a must for annual training for any LEO agency.”

“Extremely beneficial, a “must” course for law enforcement officers.”

“This program is well worth have all new officers attend. Burned out officers would benefit greatly as well!”

“Highly effective and insightful materials that will improve your outlook and performance. A must have program for law enforcement!”

“Information that is absolutely necessary for first responders to practice in order to be safe &healthy in every way.”

“This was outstanding training. I’ve seen many of these concepts in other training; This brought a bunch of necessary concepts together.”

“A very good overall physical and mental check up.”

“Topics that are invigorating & re-energizing, but are brushed over every day of our blue career and not addressed.”

“The program is a well thought out depiction of law enforcement and provides tools to evaluate yourself as an officer and as a person.”

“The critical nature of our job as LEO’s makes us lose focus on our own wellness. This program reconnects that importance!”

“This course is critical to enable an officer with the tools necessary to combat the worst “bad-guy” of all: his own struggles.”

“Good info for new officers, good reminder for veterans.”

“A realization of what I have lost/forgot since joining my PD. A good plan that I can implement immediately to return to who I am.”

“Rejuvenating and reassuring! Thanks for reminding me to take care of me so I can better help others.”

“Excellent day. Revisited self-care tool box. Learned new skills to explore for new habits.”

“This training offers many tools for LEO’s to help better themselves in many ways which allows them to better serve the community and peers.”

April 2016 – Oglala Sioux Tribal Department of Public Safety, Pine Ridge, South Dakota

“Good ideas on how to survive in the law enforcement profession. I have been in law enforcement for 24 years, and wish I had this type of training at the beginning of my career. I would recommend this to any officer who is considering making our profession a career.”

“The training was useful and timely. The training materials contributed to my learning and I would recommend to my colleagues.”

“I thought this training was very useful from a dispatcher  point of view.”

“The training had good materials that we could use and when we had that group discussion it was good for other police departments.”

“Training was very useful. I have been going through a lot in this field and this training help relieve some stress.”

“I feel if you go in to the training with a willingness to learn, you can gain a lot of valuable information.”

“I enjoyed the class, and class discussions as a lot of useful ideas did come about.”

“The instructor was very welcoming and sat down with us and we were all involved in the discussions. He also understood Indian County Law Enforcement.”

“The instructor was very knowledgable in the course, and very professional.  He made the training interesting.”

January 2016 – Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP)

“The training was absolutely invaluable and enthusiastically received by all who were able to attend.”

“A well presented training which truly contains valuable tools to address a critical issue in our profession.”

“I believe this should be a part of the curriculum at our basic police classes at DPSST.”

“It’s about time we addressed the elephant in the room!”

September 2015 – Colorado State Patrol VCU Resiliency Conference

“Good reminder of what is important to me in my life, my family. Family always first!”

“Helpful as a spouse to gain tools for understanding how the “bucket” fills up and ways to deal with a full “bucket.”

“Every topic discussed will make us better as a unit and as people.”

“This program is very refreshing and enlightening.  It reminded me and gave me ways to improve self-care.”

“Eye opening to what’s going on inside of me.  Defining resilience in life and how to build your armor suit for work and take it off at home.”

March 2015 – Armor Your Self™ Presentation to the Bureau of Indian Affairs – Division of Drug Enforcement

“Very insightful and a great tool to provide to law enforcement staff.  The program provided some great tools that are practical and can help our health.”

“These tools are basic everyday movements/activities, but seem to hit all aspects of our lives.  I like the thought of someone who has been through what I do, care about me and my wellness”.

“John did a good job of reading our group and not pushing or prying too much.”

“This course provides great tools to combat the negative side of law enforcement.  This program teaches muscle memory so it becomes habit.  “Amateurs practice till perfect, professionals practice till they can’t get it wrong’”.  “I liked the tools provided to law enforcement to help them overcome the stigma of staying silent and encouragement to deal with the issues they hold on to”.

“John is a valuable speaker and presents his material in an enthusiastic manner.”

“A great, relatable program that opens your eyes to the issues that all law enforcement officers face.”

“John is highly passionate & motivated about this subject area and presents a very articulate presentation.”

March 2014 – International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) Conference

“I don’t think I’ve been to a training where everyone was so open and generous with their ideas and information. I am so excited about how people are really coming around to the idea of emotional health for L.E.Os being absolutely essential. Thank you so much. You have an excellent program and a warm natural style that is very attractive to an audience.”

June 2014 – Malaysian Law Enforcement Officials in Kuala Lumpur

“Thank you very much for presenting our two-day Law Enforcement Psychology Masterclass 2014: “Managing Stress in Times of Crisis”. The programme was meant for all law enforcement agencies in Malaysia and was attended by a spectrum of high ranking members of agencies including: the Royal Malaysian Police Force, Royal Malaysian Air Force, Ministry of Defense as well as the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooeperatives & Consumerism.  I believe this programme would make a change and most importantly bring benefits to the law enforcement agencies in Malaysia.”


Praise for CopsAlive.com

“CopsAlive.com is a fantastic site and I can tell you it saved me when I thought I was going crazy and no one cared!”

“There is so very much truth in your words and if I could express only one point it would be that especially young, or less experienced officers would take these lessons more to heart. I served as a deputy sheriff for seventeen years, was awarded two medals of Valor, and left at age forty-one. I didn’t take care of myself physically or emotionally and it took a tremendous toll on not only myself, but my family as well. I was able to save my family life, but had to abandon my law enforcement life. I miss it everyday, and think that things may have been different if I had spent more time to take care of myself…”

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