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Armor Your Self™

Police work is the most toxic job on the planet, and if the members of the law enforcement community don’t take measures to protect themselves, this job will eat them up!

If law enforcement officers did a true threat assessment of their careers, they would realize that the real dangers lie not with the bad guys, but within the stresses of the job. High rates of suicide, depression, alcoholism, domestic violence, PTSD, heart attack and cancer are the real cop killers.

The Armor Your Self™ on-site training program is an eight hour hands on “How to” seminar that helps police officers and other law enforcement professionals armor themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We also teach how to Armor Your Agency™ against the stresses and traumas inherent in careers in law enforcement.

This program will offer a realistic threat assessment of the dangers to help readers identify their own areas of vulnerability and guide them in the development of a survival plan, including strategies for long-term career survival.  It is the objective to educate police officers and other law enforcement professionals from all areas of the profession about the toxic effects and the “hidden dangers” of a law enforcement career.

We will offer strategic solutions enhancing each officer’s tactical self-awareness and wellness planning and guide them in the development of a survival plan, including strategies and objectives for both short-term health and wellness and long-term career survival.

Many people who serve, and who have served, in law enforcement bear the scars of the cumulative stresses that accompany the career.  The Law Enforcement Survival Institute (LESI)  and CopsAlive.com work tirelessly to assemble strategies, tactics and best practices to help anyone working in this profession successfully survive their career.  LESI and CopsAlive.com work with agencies and families to create environments that support healthy, happy and effective law enforcement professionals both on the job and at home.

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